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Najmi Travel and Tours
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 by Tasneem Vora on Najmi Travel and Tours

Excellent trip to ABC .Alhamdollilah
Rehana bhen is amazing leader.
Her organization and caring attitude makes her unique in her field

 by Rashida Patwa on Najmi Travel and Tours

I have done several trips with Rehana Najmitravels. BM/Amaan/Cairo was my 6th trip with Rehana. Without hesitance, I will give 5+ star rating for her services, detail itienaries, humanity and most importantly making everyone her personal responsibility. No tour leader would do this. She goes beyond her means to make everyone comfortable and happy. Food during the entire trip till your return flight is taken care of by her. she is a phenomenal individual with lots of strength and stamina. parvardigar Rehana ne always keeps in good sehat ane afiyat so she can continue to take zawaro for ziyarats and obtain barakat. Rehana, we thoroughly enjoyed this trip with you.. all our heartiest wishes were fulfilled. thank you and we love you. cannot wait for our next trip with you inshallah.

 by Siraj Hussain Salodawala on Najmi Travel and Tours

Words are not enough to express our sincere gratitude for this memorable Kunsafar trip.
Abig heartfelt thank you to Rehana bein Najmi for her affection & support like an elder sister.
I'm glad we went with her & were able to have an awesome experience.

 by Zoeb on Najmi Travel and Tours

Under Rehana Bhen's leadership we never had to worry about food, accommodation, or transport. We did Kun Safar. She took good care of us while travelling with her - she is funny, witty, and treats everybody like family. She's well-deserving of five stars. Inshallah we'll travel with her again soon.

 by Zehra Ghadiali on Najmi Travel and Tours

I did my first trip with Rehanaben and it was Kun Safar with Aqa Maula . Everything was handled exceptionally well by Rehanaben. Her tenacity to handle challenges is beyond words. She took care of every Zayereen as her family member. We were fed from the get go to the last flight . Would def recommend her and will be looking to book another trip with her soon . She is the mother goose for her tour people.

 by Durriya Esaa on Najmi Travel and Tours

We went on Kun Safar with Bhen Rehana and had the amazing and unexpected sharaf of performing ziyarat with Moula TUS . This created some logistical challenges and Bhen Rehana handled them
with grace . She worked tirelessly to provide us with the best available housing and made sure our every need was met to the best of her ability . For example she arranged for meals from the mawaid to be delivered to our hotel and even arranged for buffet tickets at a nearby five star hotel . She is a friendly and caring person with a great sense of humor. She accompanied us on the ziyarat and made each amal easier bc of her knowledge and experience. We look forward to traveling with her in the future .

 by Dr shk Murtaza Bhuriwala on Najmi Travel and Tours

I have done several trips with rehana bhen

It has always been her moto to help zair in any way possible with her guidance n physical hardships by joing ladies for ziarats which in it self a daunting task

She does with smile n emphathy for all mumineen
She has a heart of gold n especially doing khidmat of imam hussain as has her rewards in it self

There r lots of tavel services available n i have not used any other but i n every 1 in the group is always satisfied with her A plus arrangements

Bravo n a Task eell done

Kind Regards
Murtaza bhuriwala n family

 by Amir Taiyabi on Najmi Travel and Tours

Our overall experience with Ben Rehana was amazing. She was always accessible and made sure all our queries were answered. We would definitely recommend using her services.

 by Altaf & Shaheen Akbari on Najmi Travel and Tours

We returned recently from Morocco and Tunisia -- our first tour with Rehana behen. Those are very interesting places and I really enjoyed learning the abundant history associated with the region. We were blessed with a lively and friendly group of people on the tour. And Rehana behen was always attentive (day or night) to sincerely provide good service to everyone -- thank you! It was a very memorable vacation and we hope to go on more tours with Rehana behen, inshallah.

 by Hatim/Hajra Poonawalla on Najmi Travel and Tours

We just returned from a two week tour of Morocco and Tunisia. It was a life time opportunity to visit historical places in Fatimid history where Imam Mehdi (AS) reigned in the 9th century . Needless to say that as always all arrangements including local travel, food and accomodation were superb. Keep up the good work Rehanaben.

 by Ali Chathiwala on Najmi Travel and Tours

If there were 10 stars I would have chosen that. This is one of the exceptional trip I have ever had. One of the best experience ziyarat trip. Rehana Aunty is one of the best person to travel with and a great organizer. She will fulfill all your needs instantly. She will make sure everyone is satisfied in every part of the trip. You will never regret travelling with her! And I bet you would want to use Najmi Travels than once once you try! I highly recommend anyone to try to use Najmi Travels!

 by Ali Mustansir and Fatema Rangoonwala on Najmi Travel and Tours

We just finished our third trip with Najmi Travel to Turkey and KUN safer. It was memorable. Rehana Ben arranged the whole trip with utmost care. We were escorted with tour guides who knew the history of Turkey, how modern Turkey was shaped etc. Rehana Ben was with the group in Kufa and Karbala and took care of everything. We would highly recommend her.

 by Husseina Kadibhai on Najmi Travel and Tours

This is my third trip with Najmi Travels and Rehanaben has worked hard to fulfill evveryones individual needs.
Always smiling.
Hats iff Rehanaben.

 by Mufadal and Duriya Ayubali on Najmi Travel and Tours

My family and I had a great experience with Najmi travels ( Rehana Ben) for KUN safar. She has patience to deal with a group. A charismatic personality who always have smile on her face , energetic, engaging and with good sense of humor .This made the trip seamless and stress free for my family . She has strong empathy and sensitive to group needs . She will understand the needs of your family during the trip , and will genuinely make every efforts to fulfill those needs .

 by Ali Bawangaonwala on Najmi Travel and Tours

Rehana Bhen is the best. Always a smiling face no matter what the situation is. She is a great trip planner and keeps you up to date with what to expect every step of the way. She follows through and makes sure you get the best experience. We loved our trip to Najaf-Karbala and can't wait to travel with her again. Highly recommend her for all your travel needs.

 by Tasneem P on Najmi Travel and Tours

My family and I recently went to Karbala/Najaf with Rehana ben. The trip was amazing as was the organization by Rehana ben. Prior to the trip, she was good about repsonding to my questions. Once there, she took care of all the details--airport, immigration, visas, buses, snacks, room accomodations--whatever was needed. Time and time again I saw her go above and beyond to help each and every person in her group. She took care of the small, yet practical/important, details making our experience great. We highly recommend going with her and would definitely go thru her ourseleves for future trips. Thank you Rehana ben and Zahra.

 by Qasim and Arwa Saifee on Najmi Travel and Tours

Rehana ben has provided outstanding service to our entire group on our last KUN Safar. In our group, we had our elderly parents, some of who were handicapped. We also had lots of little children. Rehana ben made sure that she attended to the needs of each individual member of our group. From the start of the group, till when we were departing from Najaf airport, she knew everything that was going on and she organized every single aspect of the trip. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to always make your trip enjoyable. We are definitely going on our future travels with her.

 by Akeel and Zahra Halai on Najmi Travel and Tours

This was our first KUN safar with our 3 kids and Rehana bhen made sure it was memorable, worry free and comfortable. She took care of every detail and was there when we had problems at the airport to problems at hotel or faiz. She was always in a good mood and always willing to help. We are so happy with our experience and our kids will hopefully remember this safar with us and Rehana bhen for years to come. We are looking forward to more trips with her inshallah!

 by Nafeesa Bohra on Najmi Travel and Tours

This was my second trip with Rehana bhen on 19 November 2021
And both the trip she was excellent organizer helpful and full of energy with a smiling face and and ready to solve any problem you throw on her way and from the visa to tickets and taking care of faiz
Rooms and lawazimat everything she take care of it by herself
I would like to go again with her in future InshAllah

 by Shabbir Karimi on Najmi Travel and Tours

Rehana bhen organized our very first KUN safar for my entire family. I cannot express how comfortable and worry free the trip was. Every little detail was accounted for and she gave us personal attention even though we were part of a fairly large group. She's always smiling, always laughing and never let's any situation or request change her mood. We will most definitely be using her for future safars.

 by Mustafa Bodalbhai on Najmi Travel and Tours

We just completed our Kunsafar with Rehanaben. The service was superb and we were very well taken care of. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to do ziarat. Thank you Rehanaben for all your assistance and care in the trip.

 by Alefiya Tayabali on Najmi Travel and Tours

We had the pleasure of having yet another trip to Karbala with Rehana ben and she made sure we were very well taken care of! Although she traveled a day ahead of us , she made sure all the arrangements were made for us to be picked up etc. She adds her own personal touch for us to have a unique experience like a snacks along all the trips regardless of how short ! Even had cake made for a little girl’s birthday ! Thank you Rehana ben

 by Rashida & Luvai Motiwalla on Najmi Travel and Tours

Rehanaben has provided an outstanding service to our group on our recent ziarat trip. In our group we had our elderly parents and our young children. Rehanaben made sure that she attended to the needs of each individual member of our team - coming to meet us personally everyday to check if we were doing fine and if she could do anything additional for us. She not only approached the adult members of our group but also every young adult and child as well. This was most unusual and something that resonated with me. She is on top of her game, personally looks into every little detail and makes sure that she addresses every individual need and request of her group members. She does this all with a smile and grace. She is very energetic and always there to help even with things that are beyond her responsibility.
We had an amazing trip without having to put in any effort from our end because she handled it all. Thank you Rehanaben!!

 by Tasneem & Murtaza Mansoor on Najmi Travel and Tours

Rehana bhen is extremely hands on and detailed from start to finish! We were part of her recent Karbala/Najaf tour group and we cant emphasize enough on how well it was organized and we were taken care of. Her energy is infectious and she goes out of her way to make us comfortable, day and night.

Thank you Rehana bhen for a lovely experience.

 by Taibali Mamujee on Najmi Travel and Tours

We recently returned from a trip to Karbala and Najaf. This was indeed a memorable trip for us and had a wonderful time in Iraq with the entire group.

We found Rehana Bhen very experienced , knowledgeable, diligent, caring, and always on top of everything.

She took care of everything - travel, booking, visa, accommodation, medicine, and other local arrangements, which made the trip hassle-free .

My family is particularly very impressed with her enthusiasm and she would go EXTRA MILE to take care of everyone's needs all the time. Rehana Bhen, HATS OFF TO YOU , you are simply the BEST!!!

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