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Rehana's arrangements for tour was excellent. Something to be noted she did not pinch on expense for our enjoyment and comfort.
Rehana Najmi....Simply the Best
Khuzema Sulemanji
Thank you so much Rehana Behan. Everything was superb and you are a Super Human, “Captain America”. Please forgive us if we said or did something unsavory.
Sajjad Habib
Very accommodating and understanding. Thank you
J. Sultanali
This was my first trip with Rehana. I have no words to describe this trip that she is amazing and take care of every person in her group. Inshallah will do more trips with her.
Samina Mahesri
It was my first time and I will say this was an amazingly organized excellent trip. Rehanaban - you have done an extremely amazing trip including all the ziyarats and all the organizing. No words to describe it .
I had a great experience this past summer traveling with Rehana bhen Najmi. She was very well organized and attended to each person individually to try and make their travel as comfortable and easy as possible. Not only was she a great tour leader but also a great teacher. Our accommodation at the mazars, food, flight arrangements, over stays was all handled exceptionally well. She even attended to our medical care, leisure activities, and entertainment. She left no room for any complaints as she handled every situation with ease and care. Travelling with her left the zuwaars with nothing to worry about so they had ample time to just focus and make the most of their time on Zyarato. I highly recommend to mumineen that Najmi Travels is definitely the way to go!
Sakina Kalolwala
We had the opportunity to travel to Karbala and Najaf with Rehana ben in March 2014. It was an amazing experience, largely due to the wonderful support that Rehana ben provided. We just gave her our passport information and she took care of the rest….from flights, visas, accommodation, food, snacks, books, itineraries etc. She accompanied us on the journey and was not just a great group leader, guide and organizer, but also such a warm, funloving, always smiling and extremely caring personality. She took a lot of stress off our shoulders, which allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the ziarat and ibadat and make the most of our time. We highly recommend any trip with Rehana ben and would definitely travel with her again.
Mustafa & Munira Esmail
I travelled with my kids to Karbala and Najaf in Nov 2014. Needless to say i was extremely nervous to be travelling without my husband but Rehana Ben assured me it will be fine when we reach there. She took care of my kids like her own. She made sure the kids did ziyarat everytime we went to the haram. She checks on you everyday to make sure we have everything we need. She carries so much food with her that you don't have to worry about carrying any with you. She made sure every member of the group did ziyarat everytime we went to the haram and was ready to go with you any time you wanted to go for ziyarat. If you travel with Rehana Ben you dont have to worry about anything else and just be engrossed in ibadat. Cant wait to travel with her again.
Alefiya Kagalwala
I have known Rehana for a good 15 yrs and have always knowm her to be very helpful by nature. But when I decided to travel to Kerbala with her, I was a bit apprehensive, because truth be told, I am a skeptic by nature and have yet to find a cure. but travelling with rehana was the best decision that i made.. She single-handedly manages the entire group like family and more. She is good natured, nurturing and makes sure that all your Ziyarats are done with the utmost attention to detail. If I should be ever so lucky to go on another Ziyarat Trip, It wouldnt be with anyone but Najmi Travels Inshallah. Thanks Rehana. God Bless..
Tasneem Barodawalla
If you are looking to have a great time, do zyaraats in a timely, well fashioned way with someone who has the drive, personality, and the ability to help you accomplish everything you set out to do, well then Najmi Travels will help you get there, and get it done. My name is Hussein Ali Kadibhai and I was part of the June 8-28 trip and it was fantastic! There aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe the trip that we all had. We were the first group of "youngsters" with ages ranging from about 12 years old to about 35, so you can imagine the task at hand, but Rehana Aunite made sure that everyone in the group was taken care of, health wise, and situation wise. There were no problems or hassles with accommodations, food, or even rides, Najmi Travels made sure that it was all ready for us when we arrived. We were already stressed about the time, ziyarats we have to accomplish, traveling, language, and even the language, but Najmi Travels made it easier for us to accomplish the goals and dreams that we had set. I couldn't even think about traveling with another company when I have experienced what Najmi Travels had to offer, not only the service and the price, but the treatment from the host as if you are family. Thank you Najmi Travels for allowing us the opportunity to have an experience and a journey of a lifeme.
Hussein Kadibhai
Recently we travelled to Najaf and Karbala with Rehana ben. The group was very friendly and very very helpful . Rehana ben was very kind and helpful and treated you as an individual and as a family member providing utmost care for the young and the disabled people in the group. She had all kinds of goodies for the young and old which made travelling in the minibus a treat. She has helped mumineen elderly ladies do ziyarat and also do boso on the zarih by actually fighting with the local ladies that were unrelenting to offer the space for the elderly. She has herself pushed wheelchair and providing assurances that she will take care of each and everyone and thats what she did. The accomodation was wonderfull and hats off to her energy and zealousness in taking care of her group. I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone, because of her zeal and open hearted attitude to help everyone do ziyarat of Imam Hussain (as) and Moulana Ali no matter what .
Shabbir Najeeb
We recently joined Rehanaben of Najmi Tours for a trip to Yemen and Umrah. The entire experience from start to finish was fantastic! I felt Najmi Tours goes above and beyond to ensure every member’s ziyaraats and arkans are performed with the utmost care while making it a lot of fun. Rehanaben seems to think of everything…first aid, snacks, comfort, safety ….you name it, and she’s already taken care of it. As a group, we shared many funny stories and made a lot of memories. I look forward to another opportunity to join her again because I cannot think of going with anyone else. Incidentally, our son, Hussein has also travelled with Najmi Tours on an Umrah, Yemen and Kerbala trip and he puts Rehanaben in a class by herself! It’s been almost two years and he still raves about this trip with the same passion. Thank you Rehanaben and Najmi Tours! All your hard work and efforts are definitely appreciated and recognized.
Abdeali and Sherbanu Kadibhai
I recently took the Karbala/Najaf tour with Rehana Bhen in November 2014. I was at first quite skeptical traveling with a group considering I mostly travel solo, but I have to admit this was one of the greatest experiences in my life and I don't think I would have enjoyed and made such lasting memories if it was not for Rehana bhen. Her hard work and attention to detail cannot go unnoticed. From the first day when we arrived at the Doha airport until the last day when we went our separate ways, she made sure each and everyone in the group was taken care of and seamlessly accommodated from the small children in the group to the elderly. She made sure that our accommodations, food, and transportation was all to our standard and liking. She made sure to call and ask everyday if everything was okay with all of the members in the group and if there was anything she could do. She had brought what seemed like all of Costco's inventory on the trip and had a plethora of snacks that lasted us until the last day on the trip. She made sure all of the ladies and children properly were able to do ziyarat from our first to last ziyarat in Karbala and Najaf. She takes into consideration the type of people and age range of the group and tailors the ziyarat tour to our needs rather than following a cookie cutter itinerary. She went beyond her ziyarat duties and took us shopping and out to eat in Najaf at an impressive restaurant. Rehana bhen was able to bring a group of acquaintances and strangers together and turn us into a family. I don't think I have laughed so much as I have with this group. I know I will continue to keep in touch with my Karbala group and will recommend Najmi Travels to friends and family in the future for their ziyarats.
Amatullah Mithaiwala
I travelled to Karbala in March 2013 with my 2 kids.It was our first trip and since I was travelling alone with kids,was very nervous and did not know how I will manage,but Rehana bain took care of every small thing,she even made sure that the kids did ziyarat properly and explained to the kids in the language where they could understand everything.It was a amazaing trip and would recommend everyone to use the expertise of Rehana bain's services.I do dua that our family gets the opportunity to go to Karbala and other Ziyarat Insha Allah soon with Rehana bain
Alefiyah H Nulwala
I wanted to thank everyone for your company and all your support on this very memorable pilgrimage. It was a lot of fun filled with lots of adventure, and lots of great snacks ( Thanks to the Leader ) . Now, when I look back I cannot believe that we accomplished so many things with such ease and success. I have still not got my voice back fully as I had to be back at work on March 5th and all my friends and customers want to know about my trip. ( keep on talking ). Rehana ben , U R AWESOME lady and will never forget the Phrase " Me Hu Na "
Najam And Durriyah Chinwalla
Last month I had the opportunity to go on Panjetan's ziarats with a group led by Rihana bhen Najmi. I t was one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had and the main reason was Rehana bhen. She personally took care of and helped all of us. She did her best to include everyone and never failed to amaze us with her humor and love. Every time when there was a problem, she would simply say "main hoon na" and all our worries would disappear. If anyone is planning on a trip, I would definitely suggest you go with Rihana bhen. I guarantee an unforgettable journey!
Rashida Ujjainwala
Want to say thank you for making this journey possible as without yr encouragement, I may have waited little more. The whole experience in one word, AMAZING. Your arrangements were excellent and really there is nothing I can add to make it any better. I will recommend to anyone looking for package to do Ziarat.
Tasneem Poonawala
This year my trip with Najmi Travels & Tours, I have to say, was an experience I won't forget. There were definitely times when I wanted to go on my own and explore by myself, but Rehana Bhen was very fair about giving everyone personal time but also making sure everyone got the best of every city. She was prepared for anything! Food, first aid, and most important of course, doing ziyarat properly. Not only did we get so much laab from being in Rehana Bhen's group religiously, but we also experienced so much from all these different cities historically. I truly count the days until I get another chance to go on another trip with Rehana Bhen. I recommend traveling with Najmi travels & tours for any and every trip. No matter what your age, you won't regret it!
Zahra Karimjee
Amazing first ziarat trip. Rehana ben helped us a lot and made this trip hassle-free and enjoyable. She takes care of each person and listens to everyone's requests. I would definitely recommend going with her.
Fatema Janoowalla
We did umrah and KUN ziyarat with Rehana behen. For our first time it was really well organised and fun. We couldn't have asked for a better agent, guide and friend. Rehana behen is attentive and takes care of EVERY aspect of the trip! We cannot wait to go on another adventure with you Rehana behen. Doh doh!
Munira & Juzar
We went with Rehana this past spring break and had an awesome time. The kids enjoyed it very much and learned a lot. Our entire experience was very positive and I would highly recommend Najmi Tours. I have been twice before, but this time it was special. The best part is after coming back you feel like you departed a family. Keep it up Rehana.
Qudsia Dollar
We went with Rehana behen to Najaf and Karbala in March 2016. It was very well organized by her and she really took good care of all the group members, we had a wonderful time. Pro's: Will recommend to all to go with her. Con's: In Najaf had to share room with random people
Mustafa Tayab
I just recently came back from an incredible trip that started from Medina to Mecca for umrah and then both Najaf and Karbala ziyarat. Before the trip started, I was really nervous and worried as this was the first time I was travelling alone and I had no idea what to expect. However, I am so glad and thankful that I got the chance to meet Rehana Behn Najmi. She not only helped me in the trip but also everyone else in our group for the trip. Rehana Behn Najmi really was a "single women army" as she dealt with everything for the group being logistics, staying at the faiz, food, travel, shopping and any other issues that could have emerged. To be honest, I have no idea how she managed to complete all of this while also helping me and then doing the things she wanted to do on her own. She was like a superwoman - a person out of this world - an omnipotent being. I do not have the words to write or state how grateful I am for her helping me throughout this trip. One thing to know about Rehana Behn Najmi is she has a really funny sense of humor and tries very hard from the heart to help everyone. (I don't think there is any more than that you could ask for) For the people unsure of whether to use Najmi Travel Tours, I would say 110% go for it! For me personally, it was both an enjoyable and everlasting experience. Again, thank you Rehana Behn Najmi and also I would personally like to thank everyone else who helped me during this trip.
Huzeifa Amiji
My husband and I recently joined Rehana Bahen's tour to Yemen and Karbala/Najaf. The tour was well organized and she worked very hard to accommodate individual requirements. We would highly recommend her tour, she made the entire tour personal and memorable ​
Omaima Tambawala
My husband and I went to Kerbala in September of 2013, and I cannot stress enough, that should you ever want to go for any Ziyarat, Najmi travels is the only way to go. Rehana Najmi is by far the best team leader. She is well experienced, and very savvy where all the nitty griitties of these regions is concerned. Had a great time. Till next time. Keep up the good work Rehana ben.​
Rashida Shafiq
Experience of a lifetime, Rehana ben is a complete pro at this. She takes care of all the necessities from food to travel to making sure you get complete "LAAAB" everywhere. If we are to plan for our next ziyarat tour, it will definitely be with her. Thank you ben for everything.
Ali Kitabi
My entire family(Parents, Sibling, Spouse and my 16 month old son) went for Panjataan Ziyarat with Rehana Aunty in June 2015. The trip was spectacular. From the beginning the trip setup was very challenging with our passports being of different countries and family members located outside of the U.S but Rehana Aunty worked through the hurdles very diligently and got everything sorted with utmost professionalism. Rehana Aunty set everything up. She made sure we got everything completed(Arkans, Ziyarats, Masjids, Site Seeing). She went above and beyond and made sure nothing was left out and we made most of the trip. She is not like regular tour guides who stops just after setting up the tour. She used her experience and knowledge to make sure we understood everything on the trip. She regularly quizzed us and reviewed everything with us to make sure we remembered. This was very impactful as there was alot done on the trip and we don't always understand everything or we miss things in a hurry. Not everyone does this. Rehana Aunty respected the groups time, not a single individuals which is what I loved about her. Because of this and her flexibility to cater the trip to the groups interest we were able to get everything done with the most satisfaction. She paid attention to the smallest details of the trip and took care of everyone’s needs as well as was prepared for unexpectedly events that occurred. She worked effortlessly during the entirety of the tour so that none of her tour members had to worry about anything. Aside from the tour she is a great person herself. She is great to be around and made the trip fun.
Murtaza Mahuwala
Najmi Travels, run by Rehana bein Najmi and her presence with us on our first Karbala/Najaf ziyarat trip was fantastic. Rehana bein personay made sure of all logistics, travel arrangements and comfort of our stay. For us we made a last minute decsion, it was Aqa Hussain (as) call as we saw it. Rehana bein helped make sure visas paper work and travel was taken care of and we joined this group along with our friends un Austin. In Karbala we had been alocated not so favourable room, without us saying a single word, when Rehana bein realised the acomodation we had she made sure before we cme back from first ziyarat we were moves. Awesome. Other critical comment i will make is in Najaf she made sure we had transportation for fazr namaj in Kufa maula Ali masjid (as). Local faiyz does not provide this service. Thankyou Rehana bein for making our trip memorable
Murtuza Choilawala
Once you go on a trip with Rehana aunty, you will never ever want to go with anyone else! We have been traveling with her for the past 3 years on various trips and she has made each and every one of those trips memorable for us. Traveling with her is like seating in first class! She provides you with superior service throughout your journey and a thoughtful travel experience from start to finish. She always manages to exceed all of your expectations by going above and beyond to take care of you. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, organization, cooperation and communication are exemplary. THANK YOU Rehana aunty for all that you do.
Maria and Zain Halai
Had an absolutely amazing time and got to learn so much over the span of the trip. Can't wait for future travels with you. Definitely will be going through Najmi travels for all my future ziyarat trips.
Munira Siamwala
Rehana Bhen was great! She's always upbeat, full of energy, and ready to help her group with whatever they need.
Fazal Abbas
Really enjoyed the trip,was very well planned and organised.
Yushae Raza
Went on the Najaf and Karbala tour in March 2017. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Rehana bhen took care of everything and made sure we were well fed as well. I would highly recommend her tours to anyone. Thanks for all you do Rehana bhen
Tamim Hoosenally
What else we can except Do Do !! Awesome and enjoyable Ziarat trip with no stress . Highly recommend Rehana Najmi tours. We wish and pray she stays happy and healthy to be part of our future trips around the World. Ameen
Younus and Maria Hakimuddin
Our 2-week trip itinerary covered Umrah and KUN safar, which we undertook in late December 2016. The packed schedule required everything to happen like clockwork, and alhamdolillah, it did. It happened because Rehana bhen has team leadership skills and management capabilities, giving attention to the major and minor details. She focuses activities at the group level but gives personal attention to ensure that individual requirements are satisfied. The fact that she travels with the group is a huge benefit. The full-service tour package accounts for most everything and, therefore, the traveler can devote full attention and energy to the particular tour activity. Rehana bhen is a high energy, proactive manager who is personable and attentive. It made our trip very fulfilling and the relationships we created within our group made the journey enjoyable and memorable. Most importantly, we all performed Umrah and did ziyarat of Panjatan Paak AS, Abbas Alamdar Moula, and hudood fodala, fulfilling our niyat. Additionally, our trip included all the “atraaf” ziyarat and key landmarks. I highly recommend booking a tour with Rehana bhen. It will likely be a positive experience.
Zoaib Rangwala
We had been looking for ways to go for KUN ziarat for the last 2 years but nothing was working out. Then I came across Rehana Najmi's tour and after reading all the positive feedback on this site, I was convinced to go for ziarat with Rehana ben. And that was the best decision I ever made. She immediately put me at ease and took all the responsibilities. Rehana ben is not just a group leader, she treats you like family and like a friend. From start to finish she takes care of all your needs and most importantly she listens to your concerns. She was the only group leader I observed who was engaged with her group and helped her group throughout the way. Your first ziarat should only be with Rehana ben!
Shabbir & Insia Mahesry
We had a wonderful time in Saudi Arabia and Iraq! The entire trip was seamless, and we were taken care of from the time we arrived in Qatar until the day we left. Rehanaben is excellent. She took care of us the entire time we were with them. She is personable, friendly, informative and helped take care of any changes we wanted to make in our itinerary. She went above and beyond what was expected of her. She is well informed and friendly too throughout the trip. Thank you so much for planning this wonderful trip. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Munira & Mansoor
What can I say but WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!! This was trip to Jordan, Bait Ul Maqdass, Najaf and Karbala and of brief stays in Doha. Rehana Bhen's leadership and guidance made our trip so easy that we never realized it would be comfortable and excellent. All the care she gave us was exemplary. The eatables we got in the bus trips was like blessing in disguise. Whenever we decide next to go to all these holy places, we will positively go with Rehana Bhen and I highly recommend that you also travel with her so you too can get a hassle free comfortable trip like we did. Experiencing is believing. Thank You REHANA BHEN
Ruqaiyyah and Firoz Millwala
The immense successful trip of bait ul muqaddas and Kun safr motivated my husband and myself to join rehana bhen's first adventurous tour of Europe In the initial days we were slightly uncomfortable with food and hotel facilities However as tour progressed we finally came to understand that in Europe facility for halal food and spacious hotel rooms is a situation where we travellers have to understand and compromise The boss as I lovingly call rehana bhen is mashallah full of energy, high spirit and goes beyond extremes to see to the comfort of her team My grandchildren noted every second and every moment with kind loving hospitality extended to them Besides Hous ton we had groups from Chicago and Dallas too All felt they had an enjoyable time and money Wirth spent The only sincere suggestion I have for boss is to have her own private transportation which proved so successful in London tour We all wish Najmi Tour and Travels all the best in her forthcoming trip to China and Hongoing Only Boss can take up such adventurous trips with her friendly loving nature to make everyone feel so important bd catering to their needs and wishes and ofcourse not forgetting that she carries the whole Costco with her You name it You get it This is Rehana bhen the boss the friend May Allah Subhanahoo keep you and your family under the thanda saya of Panjatan Paak ane Aqa Moula TUS Aameen
Ruqaiyyah Shk Firoz Millwala
We had been for our first ziyarat trip to Karbala/Najaf with Rehanaben in Jan 2016. She was very good with all the travel arrangements before our trip. During our trip she made sure everybody was comfortable with their stay and that there were no issues. She went above and beyond of what was expected of her to make it a successful and memorable trip for all of us. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends and look forward to more such trips with her
Fatema Saifee
Great tour covering Madina, Makka, Najaf and Karbala in late December 2016. Rehana Bahen arranged everything from visas, transportation, hotel/rabatt and site tours etc like clockwork. Never felt we were missing anything. She has good humor dedication, and she did excellent coordination with local Jamats to make this a memorable trip. Also we had a great group who were so much fun to be with.
Abbas Mandvi
Went with Rehanaben Najaf and Karbala and had a wonderful experience, she is so well organised,actively makes you do all the ziyarats effectively. She is very accomodating with your opinions for ziyarat times and very punctual at the same time. Her bag is magical, she has everything you need n might have forgotten. Had a funfilled, ibaadat filled trip. Would recommend anyone wanting to go ziyarat places to go with her.
Abbas Khambaty
We just got back from a very memorable karbala, najaf, Amman and baitul muqaddas trip with Rehanaben.... and cannot wait to go back with her again. Rehanabens trip was very well organised, hassle free, worth every penny. She pays attention to the smallest detail making the trip very comfortable. All Atraf as well as internal travels were well planned. buses were very comfortable. Any issues that arose during travel were handled by Rehanaben, so what can be better than stress free ziyarat ..you have all the time to focus on ibaadat and not worry about all the how's and when's. Highly recommended... High praises for Rehanaben for her spirit, effort, discipline, planning skills and most of all her smiling face and loving attitude that makes you feel safe and at home no matter what part of the world you are visiting !!! One more thing, this was a youth trip. we had kids between ages 15-18, all by themselves. Rehanaben took full responsibility for them, going with them for ziyarat everyday and making sure that they did not miss out on anything. Rest assured , your children are very well cared for.
Alafia Nomani
Went to Najaf and Karbala with Rehana Behan in 2016; had a great time, and would highly recommend her to anyone. She took a great deal of time to make everyone comfortable, and organized the trip very professionally. Had a great, spiritual trip.
Fatima Dohadwala
What good things I tell about going in tour with Rehana Ben is as Europe was my second trip in a yr with Najmi travels. Awesome travel management skills I have seen in Rehana Ben. Europe was fast tour wish I could get more time in beautiful cities like Paris and London. Best service provided in both tours .
Maria Y
Rehana Aunty is also very intelligent and tells you intresting things about different people in history. I really liked that she made sure that you understood what she was saying.
Inseeya N
My family and I just returned from performing ziyarat and we were very satisfied with our experience. Rehana Took care of the details from start to finish, which made things easier for us and helped us focus on the ziyarats. Her cool, calm demeanor and funny sense of humor are what stood out. Thank you
Sajjadhusain Abadin
We recently completed the trip March (9th-18th), 2018. Being our first Ziyarat to Kerbala/Najaf, we don't have words to describe it. Our alliance with Rehanaben started last year in Dec, 2017 with our son Huzeifa who went on the all-in-one Umraah/Kerbala/Najaf trip. Rehanaben went out of her way to make the trip for Huzeifa an experience of a lifetime. Inshallah, this alliance will continue in the future with Najmi Travel & Tours. For us, the experience will be a lasting one. Rehanaben is 'truly a queen', a devout and a motivational group leader all-in-one. From start to finish, everything was handled in a professional manner. She would make sure that every fine detail in the entire trip would be carved to perfection. Her tireless energy, efforts and mojo is something that is immeasurable. She would extend help to each and everyone one of us gleefully and listen to our individual needs in the best possible manner through the course of the entire trip. Our group had members of all age group and in a very short time we kind of became a family which can be attributed to the bubbly and jovial personality of Rehanaben, always smiling and cheerful. If you are thinking of your next tour, I recommend Rehanaben of Najmi Travel & Tours for all your travel needs. May Allah Subhanahu with the DOA Mubarak of Aqa Moula (TUS) grant Rehanaben strength to continue this forever,. Aameen.
M. Saifuddin & Azra Amiji
I do not have sufficient words to capture and encapsulate our 10 day journey. 5 stars do not do justice to the experience Rehana bhen provided our family and the remainder of the group during our trip to Najaf and Karbala (via Doha) between 3/9-3/18/2018. I would challenge any and all zawwars to find a better value for their money than Najmi Travels under the leadership of Rehana bhen. For those of you wanting specifics, here they are: 1. The travel arrangements were well planned. Hotels in Doha on the way to Iraq and back. 2. The accommodations in Najaf and Karbala were EXCELLENT! Unless you purchase a concierge service I am confident you will not be able to secure better than what she provided. 3. Due to the close proximity of the lodgings, food was easily accessible in the Mawaid. 4. Additionally, Rehana bhen was always well prepped and stocked with food and drink for all the Atraaf trips. 5. Given that she has taken almost 50 tours all over the Middle East, she is intimately familiar with customs, rules, cultures, norms and expectations of the Faiz and (more importantly) of the inhabitants and municipalities. 6. Her attitude is one of graciousness coupled with subservience and an indefatigable commitment to providing the best possible experience for ALL her zawwars (some of whom were unreasonable in my humble opinion, but she always accommodated their needs). 7. Finally, while Rehan bhen wants you to have the time of your LIFE, she knows that this journey is more about the AFTER LIFE. Therefore, she will make sure (at her own peril and physical detriment) that you are able to complete the best possible ziarats as many times as you can. She offers herself several times a day and ascertains that you are able to enter the zarees and optimize each visit/ziarat. Similarly for Kufa, Moula Qasr, etc. If I can answer any further questions, feel free to text on my cell (413.624.6862).
Abdul Hussain and Maryam Asghar
Best Tour Ever : I would recommend Najmi tours to anyone. I recently went to Najaf/ Karbala in March for ziyaarat. Travelling as a single mom with a young child, I had several apprehensions, but Rehana Ben took care of the smallest thing with such professionalism, that the whole trip was a breeze. From providing travelling tips and email updates, to keeping you informed about the latest situations, explaining the history of the site we were visiting, to managing personal requests - she did everything with a smile on her face. She is truly a professional who is very confident and well versed in her field and yet manages to give a personal touch, to make the experience individual and amazing for everyone. I have never written a review for anyone, but do so willing and without hesitation for her. She is simply the "Best".
Munira Biviji
My wife and I traveled with Rehana behn in December 2016 for Umrah and Iraq zyarat. We had an amazing experience particularly because Rehana behn is very experienced and from start to finish, she was determined to make sure everyone took advantage of the places we visited for immense sawaab and ibadat. She was also very accommodating of our needs and I thank her for her hard work and resilience in making this trip so memorable. We will definitely travel with her again and I'd recommend her to all mumineen looking for personalized, fulfilling religious trip
Yusuf Ezzy
I recently went to Karbala/Najaf, Amman, and Baitul Moqaddas through Najmi Travel and Tours. It has been by far the best experience i have had traveling internationally. Rehana Bhen is not only an amazing person, but she is also a very organized guide. She arranged for everything beforehand to make sure we got as much as possible out of our two weeks abroad. She constantly went out of her way to ensure we were having a good time. She always had snacks and games and approached everything with a very optimistic attitude. She's the best meme in town!! If you are looking for a well organized, well planned ziyarat tour, look no further! Rehana Bhen Najmi Travel and Tours is the one for you.
Fatema Nomani
We recently came back from the Karbala-Najaf safar in November 2019 with Najmi Travels and had a very positive experience. The entire trip was very well coordinated despite some flight cancellations by Turkish Airlines. Rehana ben did an excellent job with making alternate bookings for a large group of 60 people. She went out of her way to make sure that every Mumineen, including little kids and senior citizens, were well taken care of. It was our first trip with Rehana ben and it was fantastic. She took care of everything – travel booking, visa, accommodation, food, and other local arrangements – which makes the trip hassle-free for us. Great job, Rehana ben and we look forward to doing many more ziyarat trips with you in future.
Arif Chawalwala
Najmi Travel undoubtedly fulfills the needs of the young and ESPECIALLY THE OLD with their ZIYARAT travel arrangements which we noticed on our recent tour to Baitul Muqadas. It is a professional tour company managed and owned by Rehana Ben Najmi in a professional manner. The minutest details were attended to in most professional, friendliest and family oriented atmosphere. Najmi Travels provides a very essential community service to Dawoodi Bohras in organizing the ziyarat tours without stress. We have no hesitation in recommending Najmi Travels. Keep up the good work Rehanaben.
Hatim & Hajra Poonawalla
We just completed the Tunisia/Morocco trip with Najmi Travels on May 1st thru May 13th, 2018. It was the most memorable, fun filled, very satisfying, very well organized, and very well managed the group thruout the trip. Rehana is very caring and always kept the group's needs as her priority. Lots of food and fun on the road trip. We loved it. I would recommend all to go with Rehana on such fun trips. We got both Islamic and non Islamic flavors on this trip. Hats off to Najmi Travels and the leader Rehana.
Rashida Patwa
My kids and I travelled with Rehana behn in december 2016 for Panjatan Ziarat. It was a great trip. Rehana Behn is well organized, entertaining, well connected, responsible and very kind. No doubt she is a "one woman" army. My kids had a great time I will highly recommend to travel with her in the future
Tahera Rasheed
Just finished great trip during spring 2017. Very well organized. Rehana ben took care of every details and helped to do all ziyarat and maximum ibadaat. We all had a great time and enjoyed every moments of the trip. I will recommend Najmi travel with Rehana ben to every body.
Mustufa Ratlamwala
I first went with Rehana aunty on Jordan, Israel, Karbala, Najaf tour. She makes the tour very personalized and you feel as if you are part of her family and have known her for years. I have had lots of fun on her trips and will keep doing them in the future as well. Wonderful organization and service. Hats off!
Ibrahim Asgharali
Just returned home after Arbaeen 1440-2018 with Najmi Travel and Tours. What an Amazing experience, absolutely mind blowing. Rehana Najmi (owner and tour operator ) provided an outstanding service and took care of every one's comfort in group more than 100 ppl. She goes an extra mile to provide comfort and ensures every one gets the full benefits of the place(Ziarat). Fully prepared for Arbaeen and provided all necessary items we may need during walk. Hats off to Rehana Najmi- Excellent Tour Company.
Nafisa Ali
In April 2018, I traveled to Amman, Baitul Muqadas and Misr with Rehana ben’s group. This is my second trip with her and it’s always an amazing experience. She takes care of each and every person and ensures you get the full benefit of the spot you’re visiting. She always carries interesting snacks. You’ll never go hungry on any of her trips. She is full of energy, has a great sense of humour and is always a step ahead. She goes above and beyond ensuring we all have a satisfactory travel experience. Looking forward to the next trip with her.
Fatema M
To the "One-Woman" army with endless energy and smiles, Zahra and I would like to thank you for the most memorable, fun, and awe-inspiring trip to Karbala Najaf during Ashara 1441. Rehana bhen will take care of you from start to finish, with such ease. She is beyond connected and respected, from Iraqi bus drivers to khidmat guzaars who treat her party in the most spoiled fashion. You feel secure with her, and are able to experience the Iraqi culture and amazing street food along with the ziyarats...with literally one of the most funniest ladies on the planet. I hope to go again ASAP. Shukran Jazilan.
Quresh & Zahra Tyebji
We recently completed our trip to Amman, Baitul Muqaddas & Cairo with Rehana ben. She is an amazing lady. Her planning & arrangements are phenomenal. She always took care of everyone in her group. She made sure me & my husband were comfortable all the time. She was always concerned about my husbands health. She also has a very good sense of humor. We would 100% recommend Rehana ben. She is phenomenal. Thank you Rehana ben for all your hard work.
Rizwana Fatabhoy
Rehana Aunty is very nice and funny. She also is really organized and has a plan for everything. If you go on a tour with her you will have fun because you don't need to worry about anything because Rehana Aunty takes care of it. Also, if you ask for anything she can pull it out of her red London bag. She made the trip very comfortable and enjoyable. You will be very lucky if you choose to go with her.
I just returned from a 17-day trip to Najaf and Karbala. The tour was well organized from start to finish. Rehana bhen made the entire travel experience as comfortable and reliable as one could imagine. She made sure that I got to do all the ziyarats and perform all the activities in Najaf and Karbala. I will recommend to all my family and friends that they contact Rehana bhen whenever and wherever they plan to travel. Shukran.
Tabassum (Samina) Zariwala
All-in-one (trip planner, document manager, tour guide, concierge, medicine shop, and many more) Rehana Ben, made our first KUN trip a memorable one. Rehana ben takes care of young and old alike and keeps the schedule. She is always seeking feedback to make your experience even better. I don't think I could have done it any better than making just one call to her. Thanks Rehana Ben. Jazak Allahu Khayran
Batool and Saif Arif
My family and I worked with Rehana ben to do the Karbala, Najaf, Jordan and Israel tour during summer 2017. We have never had a greater experience than we did when traveling with Rehana ben and this tour company. She was extremely prepared for our trip and we did not have to worry about anything( snacks, emergency kit, itinerary). It’s difficult to travel to countries where you don’t speak the language and I definitely would travel with Rehana ben again. She was really knowledgeable about the countries, culture, and religious practices of the region. She kept us well- fed, entertained and extremely happy. Rehana ben has now become like family to us and we are for sure planning to utilize her business in the future.
Fatema Dossajee
Amazing experience with Rehanaben on this safar for the holy place of Rasullulah AS. She took care of all the details for us and we had a seamless safar. She is an amazing, cool, caring, and fun organizer for these safars. Hats off to Rehanaben. We look forward to join her group again for another amazing experience.
Rashida Patwa
Rehanaben, you were amazing and you are the best. In short ‘you are truly a queen’. Myself and Azra had the most memorable and enjoyable trip. We will cherish this forever being our first Kerbala Ziyarat. Our alliance started with our son Huzeifa last year in Dec where you went out of your way to help him out of your way. May Allah Subhanahu with DOA Mubarak of Aqa Moula TUS give you strength to continue this forever. Aameen. We also take this opportunity for going with a group that had a truly amazing sense of humor and helped each other throughout our way.
Azra and M. Saifuddin Amiji
This was my third trip with Najmi travels and as usual Rehana has kept her standard of service high with not compromising on anything . She takes extremely good care of every single person in the group and their satisfaction to achieve the goal of ziarat and not to worry about other stuff
Maria Younus
Our trip with Rehana Ben was an amazing and memorable experience. She not only took care of all the planning details professionally, but she personally was there to guide us on the Ziyarats. She would show us which duas to read and even share history and knowledge about each of the sites we visited. Traveling to countries where we don't speak the language is tough, especially with small kids, however I felt taken care of at all times and knew that I could count on Rehana Ben for anything that I needed. It was so important to have such a resourceful, dependable, strong-willed, patient and caring guide that truly made sure each one of us got the full benefit from the trip. Thank you Najmi Tours! Looking forward to our next adventure together!
Munira and Moiz Tayabji
Rehana bhen is everything that I had heard about and more. Our Recent trip of umrah and Kun safar was amazing. She literally takes care of every single detail. You need not worry about anything at all. She’s high on energy, enthusiasm and humor. May Allah Ta’ala bless you with more strength and success with Aaqa Maula’s (TUS) Doa Mubarak. Aameen.
Jamila Burbani
What can I say about Rehanabehn?.... her nurturing character, her kindness and caring, coupled with her vast contacts and relationships makes her a GREAT travel agent. All facets of travel, like lodging, transportation, snacks, etc. were taken care of in a professional way. Thank you Rehanabehn for making our Ashara 1441 KUN safar a wonderful and memorable trip for both of us!
Hakim & Durriaya Dhilla
Rehana ben - A true leader who is compassionate about her work, an individual who makes no compromises nor cuts corners in making sure each and everyone in her group gets the best of service and ensures 100% comfort for all. She instills a hope in all and empowers to accomplish their goals. The effort she puts in to get everyone do ziarat flawlessly in this massive crowd is an experience to share for life. This is our 2nd trip with her and will never go any other way.
Huseina Karimjee
Saglah ne Arbaeen Mubarak Khuda Nu shukur ke je fikar hati ke kem thase Moulana Hussein ye apne pochiwididah moula ni dua si Rehanaben thanks to u for the best Guidance & helping us especially when going for ziyarat how u took us all inside performing ziyarat with that fear of people around us Himat api ne lai ghaya Our group was amazing it will be a memorable journey which we will never forget
Shehrebanu Karimjee